Effects of Extraction Period on Bioactive Compounds Extracted from Olea Europaea (var. Domat) Leaves by Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction





Ultrasound-assisted extraction, Domat olive tree leaves, antioxidant activity, phenolic compounds, LC-MS/MS


In this study, polyphenols from olive leaves (Domat var.) were compared by shaking water bath and ultrasound-assisted extraction to compare the polyphenol contents and antioxidant activity in olive leaves. The effects of the extraction time on the antioxidant activity of olive leaves will be analyzed depending not only on the extraction method but also on the extraction time, due to the extraction yield, antioxidant activity, as well as the type of polyphenols recovered.

Objective: To obtain high antioxidant results and to determine the phenolic compounds contained in olive leaf (Domat var.) by LC-MS/MS after ultrasonic water bath and shaking water bath extraction comparison in a shorter time instead of 2 h.

Conclusions: The phenolic compounds contained in olive leaf by ultrasound-assisted extraction were higher than water bath extraction. We said that there is no significant difference between the extraction time and TPC and TFC. There was also no relationship between extraction time and DPPH and ABTS EC50 values (p < 0.05), which means that 15 min of sonication can be performed instead of 120 min.






Chemical, biochemical and environmental engineering